Fifteen Rooms

Fünfzehn Zimmer
docfilm | 2016 | 32 min | 1:1,85 2K | DE

Even in a hospice, life goes on. A mother-in-law may be annoying. A soft toy may offer consolation. The recollection of missed opportunities may create a sense of wistfulness. Danka, the institution’s cleaning lady, experiences a lot in the course of her daily life, tidying these 15 rooms overlooking the roofs of Neukölln. She is always happy to schmooze with the residents, or just to keep them company. There’s a lot of laughter and a lot of smoking, but also a lot of goodbyes to say.

“Fifteen Rooms” is a film about living in a place of dying.


  • DOK Leipzig 2016 | Duisburger Filmwoche 2016 | Achtung Berlin 2017 | Wendland Shorts 2017
    Nonfiktionale Bad Aibling 2018