short | 2017 | 12 min | 1:2,39 2K | DE-SQ

Axi, the mother’s Pekingese dog has died. Greta learns at lunch that the mother, while burying the dog in the garden, has made a finding, which apparently belonged to the long-dead father. Arrangements have been made to get rid of the fund and Greta, who does not want to know anything about it, finds herself in the midst of it.

This whimsical tragicomedy short film portraits a fragment of an unusual mother-daughter relationship with strong, but somewhat headstrong women and a weird situational comedy.



  • Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen
  • Braunschweig International Film Festival
  • Neisse Film Festival
  • Berlin Feminist Film Week
  • Dublin Feminist Film Festival
  • Porto Femme International Film Festival
  • ICPFF Istanbul
  • Moscow International Short Film Festival